What makes Pathway To Hope different?

     When it comes to helping individuals and families facing mental illness is community that makes the difference. Finding people that understand what it’s like to live with severe and persistent mental illness is refreshing. Whether you join in a Courage Group or participate in our E3: Encourage • Empower • Education™ Course you’re going to find a group of peers that have faced their fears and found their way through survival to thriving.

Getting a clear understanding of diagnosis, learning healthy communications skills, finding our own healthy boundaries, and gaining permission to care for yourself, all the while living in the extraordinary circumstances that make up mental illness. No one is here to tell you what to do, and yet you can find resources and learn what has worked for others. Learning to accept your own movement through the stages of recovery.

     You can find an {IN}Courage group for those who live with a severe or persistent mental illness or {EN}Courage group for the loved ones, care givers or friends. The groups are open (come when you need us) and are facilitated by a trained peer that has experienced the reality of the group. Your questions are welcome, though we want to hear about your fears and frustrations too. You will find empathy, validation, confronting of fears, social Interaction, networking, a resource library, information on community services, caring and sharing. We call them Courage Groups – because of the courage we see in those facing mental illness!

Our E3: Encourage • Empower • Education™ Course is a 10 Module course taught by trained volunteers that have personal experience caring for someone with mental illness.  Each module will focus on a different mental health diagnosis and will include information about treatment options, techniques for handling real-life situations, and strategies to help caregivers manage responses to the illness. These classes offer support to anyone caring for a friend or family member with mental illness and community members wanting to learn how to be more sensitive in relationships with those facing mental illness in their lives.

     We all need hope and even more so when facing the challenges of mental illness. You’ve found the friends that will stick with your through the struggles of getting a diagnosis, finding the right treatment options, enduring medication changes, and finding a way back to a new normal. This is your place, these are your people, we can face the future together. You don’t have to do this alone!