The Power of WE

Perhaps you’ve heard the popular mental health quote, “When you change I for WE, Illness becomes Wellness.” It’s the foundation for everything we are doing this year, because not only should “no one face mental illness alone,” but we know that we know that we can’t achieve that goal alone! We’re working hard this year…
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Focus on Mental Health – Life 88.5

Thanks to our friends at Life 88.5 in Kansas City for making mental health a discussion topic for the start of 2019. Our Mental Health Monday segments are just a glimpse into this important topic! We’re delighted that you’ve taken the next step to further investigate mental health and perhaps look for support and resources…
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Embracing My Inner Wonder Woman: A Story of Mental Illness

My story is one of vulnerability, empathy, love and loss.  It is a story that needs to be told, a story about mental illness.  1980’s Mental Health Services in Lincoln, NE Lincoln, NE in the 1980’s was not a good place to be if you had a mental illness.  Community mental health resources were scarce…
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Mental Health and Happiness … and Gut-Friendly Microbes?

When was the last time you thought about your gut health? If you’re like most people, the answer may be … never. And yet, your gut health has a huge impact on your life, affecting your physical and emotional wellbeing. If your gut is out of balance, you may experience physical symptoms, such as GI…
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It wasn’t so long ago that Mariah Carey was on stage and not giving the performance of her life. I watched her get roasted on social media as thoughts, opinions and even jeers swarmed the video posting of her not-so-engaged stage presence. I was sad. Not just in seeing what seemed like a falling star, but…
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